Lunch services

You can order a lunch which is delivered fresh made and warm to the cottage after the fishing day.

In Särkisalo the shops are far away and most of the restaurants close after the summer. Milla’s Monitoimi will make a home made potato casserole for you. She is the person who takes care of the cottages with Juha, living on the seaside near our cottages. Please make the order 2 days before the delivery.


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There are four choises for the main course:

Hacked meat, feta and potato casserole

Jansson’s casserole with anchovy and potato

Creamy ham and potato casserole

Creamy chicken and potato casserole

with cucumber and red beetroot, bread and butter.

The size of the portion is 500 g. The price is 15 eur / portion and you can order it for 4 or 8 persons. You can order additional lunches in additional information part.


The payment is cash, bank card or bank transfer to Millan Monitoimi.

Millan Monitoimi, bank account FI55 5410 0220 3990 37 .

VAT FI29386322, tel. +358 44 3333 633.